Vivant® SkinCare’s mission and dedication to creating solutions for hard-to-treat skin conditions are a direct reflection of its founder, Dr. James Fulton.  As a lifelong sufferer of acne and renowned dermatologist, Dr. Fulton co-developed Retin-A and spent more than 40 years in the study and research of all aspects of skin care.  Vivant® SkinCare's exclusive formulas offer corrective and preventative solutions designed to obtain results at the cellular level thereby restoring the total skin function. In addition to the use of vitamin A, Vivant® product line incorporates ingredients such as mandelic acid and vitamin C that are safe to use on sensitive skin and highly effective in the treatment of acne, pigment and aging. This allows us to customize an individual treatment plan to meet the needs and lifestyle of each patient through the life spectrum from adolescent to adult. 

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