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Sagging skin is part of the aging process. As we get older, we lose collagen and elastin (connective tissues that help maintain firm, plump skin), fat and even bone mass – these all contribute to making our skin sag and droop.  At Etoile Cosmetic Medicine, we can create a customized, non-surgical skin tightening treatment plan to restore gorgeous, firm, youthful skin to your face.



Just as wrinkles form where the skin's collagen begins to break down, upper lip lines, sometimes called 'smoker lines', similarly occur as the skin thins and elasticity deteriorates, regardless of whether you smoke or not. Sun overexposure, environmental pollutants, aging and genetics can cause upper lip lines. At Etoile Studio, we use the best treatments to help fill out pesky wrinkles, to give you smooth and plump look — without surgery.


Youthful lips are plump and have plenty of collagen elastin and hydration in the deep layers. Natural breakdown of elastin with age and the harmful UV damage can cause lips to deflate.

At Etoile Studio, we understand how your skin changes and we have lip plumping treatments to return fullness to your thinning lips. Come in for a consultation and out how you can get youthfully plump lips.


Long, lush eyelashes are a beautiful sign of a youthful look; but as we age, lash volume and thickness decrease resulting in sparse, thin lashes. Latisse is an innovative eyelash thickening treatment that extends the growth cycle of lashes, resulting in long, lush beautiful lashes.


Unwanted hair can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. At Etoile Cosmetic Medicine Studio, we can get rid of unwanted hair with the sate-of-the-art LightSheer laser. Come in for a consultation and find out how you can treat unwanted hair growth with the best laser hair removal techniques — permanently.

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