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Laser Treatments Woman getting laser treatment at Etoile

Laser Treatments

Our laser treatments for hair and skin utilize technologies ranging from laser for hair removal, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for photofacial and radiofrequency for skin tightening. All devices are state of the art and lead in class. Most treatments require little to no down-time

Eliminate razors, waxing and ingrown hairs for good...

Photorejuvenation using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology...

ThermiTight® is a safe, minimally invasive, non-surgical technique...

ThermiSmooth® is a non-invasive treatment...

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal 

ThermiTight® is a safe, minimally invasive, non-surgical technique that utilizes..

Eliminate razors, waxing, and ingrown hairs for good! Experience the liberation that comes with never shaving again. At Étoile, we are pleased to offer Lumenis’ LightSheer system, the gold standard in laser hair removal  (LHR) with superior photo epilation through its state-of-the-art 810nm diode laser technology. Lumenis is the pioneer and industry leader in hair removal lasers. Its solid-state technology is the most effective in permanent reduction of unwanted hair. 

Laser Hair Removal Lumenis LightSheer System

Areas that can be treated:
 Face & Lip
Ears & Neck
Arms & Under Arms
Bikini, French & Brazilian




About Laser Hair Removal 

Is this a single treatment?

Due to the staggered nature of the hair growth cycle, in which some hairs are actively growing while others are dormant, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to catch each hair as it enters the “active” growth phase. Most patients require six hair removal treatments, each performed at a 4-6 week interval.

Will I need a touch-up in the future?

Patients may require a maintenance treatment at 6 months to a year. Significant hair regrowth is not typical. If this occurs particularly in areas of the face it is often a sign of an underlying hormonal issue that may require further evaluation.

Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

We are pleased to offer the Palomar Starlux, the industry leader in IPL.  Photorejuvenation using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, is a safe and effective treatment that can correct benign skin conditions on the face and body such as sun damage, rosacea, facial capillaries, and birth marks. This creates an even complexion by reducing reds and browns due to the above conditions. Done most effectively in a series and tailored to individual conditions and skin type, it is an ideal procedure offering superior cosmetic results and outstanding satisfaction with low risk, low cost and no downtime.   

Before and After

ipl before and after


ThermiTight® is a safe, minimally invasive, non-surgical technique that utilizes radiofrequency energy to heat tissue underneath the skin. This prompts the skin to both repair existing and produce new collagen, resulting in tighter, smoother skin. It is the most powerful non-surgical skin tightening treatment for loose skin at the jawline and neck.


ThermiSmooth® is a non-invasive treatment performed using a specially designed thermistor-regulated handpiece. As the handpiece gently heats the skin’s surface using dermal heating, it targets problem areas around the eyes and mouth. Gentle heating using temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen remodeling.

ThermiTight®  & ThermiSmooth®





About Intense Pulsed Light

How many IPL treatments will I need?

Browns may require from 2-4 treatments depending on the extent and severity of pigment. Reds require more treatments as a significant decrease in redness is not seen until after the 3rd treatment and often times requiring up to 6 or more. Treatments are usually performed 2-3 weeks apart.  Facial capillaries can often be treated in 1-2 treatments.

Is there any downtime associated with IPL?

Essentially none. One may experience some redness almost like a mild sunburn. Makeup can be used immediately following the treatment, as long as it is applied and removed very gently. Brown spots get darker immediately and come off in a week.

Before and After

Thermi before and after




About ThermiTight & Smooth

When are results seen and how long do they last?

Because the physiology of the skin is undergoing significant change, it takes a few months to see visible improvement. The results do not wear off and are expected to last 3-5 years or until the effects of natural aging have caught up.

Is there any downtime?

Daily activity can be resumed the following day. It is recommended to wear a compression around the chin/neck at nighttime for one week.

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