Cancellation Policy

In order to provide the highest level of aesthetic medical care as well as courtesy and service we ask that our clients recognize the following cancellation policy: 


We ask that you provide AT LEAST 24 hour notice for an appointment cancellation.   We will respectfully offer a reminder to you of this policy at the time of each appointment booking.

We realize that there are times when unforeseen circumstances make it impossible to attend your scheduled appointment. If this happens, please give us as much notice as possible so we can reschedule this time for another patient and find another time for your appointment. Canceling an appointment with short notice or not showing up for an appointment takes up clinic time that could have benefited another person.

We believe that a repeated pattern of violating this policy demonstrates an inability to reliably keep an appointment. As well it is disruptive to our schedule and is discourteous to others. In such cases of repeated policy violation, we reserve the right to respectfully ask that for any future appointment requests you call the morning of a day that you are interested in. If an appointment time is available it is our pleasure to offer it to you.